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What We Do

PPMI is a "turnkey" product development-consulting firm specializing in the design and development of consumer, medical, and industrial products. We provide quality instrument commercialization services ranging from full-scale product development to legacy product maintenance. We help companies execute all aspects of design and development, from concept through production. Put simply, we offer a network of engineering professionals and strategic partners who provide clients a comprehensive knowledge base for instrument commercialization services. We can become your outsourcing partner for the design and development of your products and/or manufacturing systems.

It is almost impossible for any one company to employ such a variety of experts; therefore we apply the “virtual organization” approach assuring you the most cost efficient solution. We employ only key core competencies, and associate with “best in class” partners to present the best minds and skills in the industry. PPMI and its partner’s spectrum of services and capabilities include:

PPMI and its partners' core competencies:

·        Strategic project management and planning

·        Concept generation

·        System and safety engineering

·        Mechanical engineering and design

·        Electrical engineering and design

·       Manufacturing liaison and design transfer

·        Expert engineering panels

·        Cost reduction initiatives



·       User research

·        Industrial design layout

·     Instrument regulatory and design control compliance strategies

·       Process development

·        Instrument software engineering and design

·       Independent verification and validation


Who We Are 

·        PPMI’s founders are a unique combination of talent and experience, consisting of expert engineers working together for years with a record of outstanding achievement.

·        We have a combined 100+ years of product design experience in the medical, industrial automation and control, consumer electronics, automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, product testing, telecommunications, defense and packaging industries.

·    We implement multidisciplinary, talented teams with reputation for achieving innovative    results within rapid timelines. 

·    The teams involve specialists in business strategy and project management; system, mechanical, electrical, software and manufacturing engineering; and design verification and validation.


How We Do It

·    Our asset is our people. We strive to employ the very best and draw talented engineers  from different backgrounds and perspectives. We use “best in class” resources and development methodologies to ensure that our customers’ instrumentation is reliable, competitive and cost-effective.

·    Commitment to PPMI’s robust design methodology.

·    Innovate by clearly understanding user and customer needs, technology factors and business requirements of the relevant industry.

·    Our teams discuss ideas openly, even in the face of disagreement or criticism. 

·    Approach all design changes from the systems perspective

·       Focus is on the problems, not the solutions.

·    Base potential solutions on a careful analysis of customer and system requirements, followed by iterative prototyping.

·    Deliver results within rapid timelines.

·    Design for a common product platform, safety, manufacturability, cost, performance, reliability, testability and serviceability.

·    Commitment to frequent, timely reviews of design progress.

·        Apply concurrent engineering by executing product development processes in parallel.

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